DJ Set in Bruxelles

Last week end I played at a party in Bruxelles, what should have been a 2 hours set transformed in an epic 4.5 hours banging party. Everything was great! The venue was the upper floor of a tiny but very cosy and friendly bar downtown Bruxelles (Cafe Gudule) in which way too many people crammed, raising the temperature and humidity to sauna levels. The crowd was awesome, great party people, natural born dancers and bangers. The most important thing was the rocking and electrifying concert of She Goes Electro before the set. I must really thank them for opening for me 😉 She Goes Electro is a band you must check out. We wrapped up in the early morning, sipping on Rum. It was immense fun!
To give you a flavor of what happened, here is a mini-mix of some tracks played.

      MP3 download